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Meal Plans tailored to your personal requirements

Change Your Life

Services designed for you...

Meal plan and services:

  • These services are based around the Meal Plans which are tailored to your lifestyle, your body type and your goals.

  • The Meal Plan begins with a questionnaire to establish the parameters on which to base the initial meal plan.

  • The questionnaire shall be conducted with you, and should be filled before any Meal plan can be prepared, and the initial consultation can begin.

  • The initial consultation for the Meal Plan is included at no additional charge, as it is part of the Meal plan service.

  • Following the Meal plan's initial consultation, a revised meal plan may be issued based on new information following the consultation.

  • As you make progress with your Meal plan, you may decide to "raise the bar" and decide to increase your goals, or maybe you you have a change of lifestyle that would impact on your current plan. For this case we would offer you a free remote consultation service to establish your new goals and to confirm is a new Meal Plan would benefit you at this time, for which we would be happy to continue to support you in your journey to ensure you are equipped with the optimal strategies based on evolving research and studies.

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